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Our Purple Pony Horses

Kismet is a 15-year-old Quarter Horse-Percheron/ Clysdale. She is a large, beautiful
bay who is quite photogenic. She came to us from participating in schooling at
Houghton College. Kismet is a gentle giant who enjoys the time she spends with her


CJ is a 22-year-old paint pony. He is a small guy with a huge personality. CJ loves the
attention he receives from volunteers and riders. His very favorite activity is the apple
bobbing we do in October. He has the fewest teeth, but knows how to get that apple


Snyper is a 24-year-old Leopard Appaloosa. It takes lots of elbow grease to spruce up
that white body. It’s well worth it, he is striking. He is always up for a trot to the delight
of his riders. Snyper is a great sport when it comes to donning leis, beads, rabbit ears,
or whatever else is placed upon him.


Cookie is a 13-year-old Morgan/Haflinger pony. She is an adorable bay. Cookie enjoys
the games we play and the activities we do during lessons. She’s a great sport-always
looking in buckets and baskets. Cookie also looks forward to the end of lessons when
given her treat. That bowl is licked clean.


Paint is a 19-year-old paint quarter horse creatively named Paint. He was a lesson
horse for several years. Paint is a mild-mannered gentleman who has found a special
place in the heart of one of the other horses when she came to join the herd. You will
see a spark in Betti’s eye anytime Paint passes. He will capture the hearts of riders as


Lita is a 23 year-old registered Paint, who joined our program in June 2021.  She is a well-mannered, easy going lady who fit right into program.  


Betti is a 17-year-old black shire/quarter horse-thoroughbred mare. She is owned by
the instructor, Lynnette Short. Betti has been a lesson horse for eight years and has
been in shows for dressage and jumping. This is Betti’s retirement work. She likes to
stay active.


Bubba is a 13-year-old haflinger who came to us on the recommendation of our farrier, Stephanie Heinzerling,  He is a lovable gelding who is as huggable as a teddy bear.  Bubba loves to learn.  He is new to our program but is interested in everything.  Bubba really enjoys playing games.  He can't wait to make some new friends!


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